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One of the great things about 6S PHYSIO is that you can be treated by a range of different therapists.  Each of our physios has a special interest, which has led to the development of several highly successful programs and services.  And having such a range of different approaches - including chiropractic, massage, exercise, acupuncture, hypnotherapy - means you will find a therapist at 6S PHYSIO who can help you, as they have literally thousands of others.

Our physios listen because they care about you as a whole person, not just a body part. They will address your pain, then make sure you have the suppleness, stability and strength to do everything you want to do.


Correctly prescribed exercise is safe, effective and enjoyable.  Exercise is Medicine - in pill form it would be the highest selling drug of all time - and once you’ve received some solid advice, it’s free!


More than just a bike-fit service: high speed video and a therapist who is a keen cyclist will give you expert biomechanical analysis, refined bike set-up, greater comfort and improved performance on your bike!


We love being an active part of an active community and 6S PHYSIO is proud to sponsor local community sport, currently including surf life saving, soccer, golf, netball and rugby union.


Experts in spinal health and function, our chiropractors use safe and gentle methods of mobilizing the body’s joints and soft tissue for pain relief, increased range and improved function.


This wholistic approach involves working with physical body, mind and emotions. Gentle acupuncture, soft tissue releases and herbal medicine help with a wide variety of physical conditions and stressed emotional states.


High speed video and detailed physical assessment provide a platform for accurate biomechanical analysis and expert advice on technique, footwear and training methods, to help you optimise your running.


Hypnotherapy is not what you see on TV! A trained hypnotherapist can help you overcome mental and emotional barriers to achieve your goals, manage your fears and anxieties, break bad habits, take positive actions.


Speed recovery, ease pain, improve movement, relax stressed muscles, calm frayed nerves. Our experienced massage therapists can assist with pain relief, tissue repair and physical performance.


If you get pain when you play golf, or you keep making errors despite technique input, then your body might be hurting your game.  Our TPI-certified Physio can help you with both pain and performance.


We believe that everybody needs to be fit and healthy. We reckon you want to be fit enough to enjoy what makes your life better, no matter where you currently are on the fitness spectrum.


We pride ourselves on our ability to get you back to work in good shape. We provide doctors, case managers and rehab consultants all the information they need to assist a safe and stable return to work.