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K-Laser Therapy

Get free of pain and get moving faster, with our Class IV K-Laser

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free, painless therapy that uses the power of light to stimulate increased blood flow, improved oxygenation and accelerated cell activity.  Laser therapy is currently offered at our clinics in Umina and Ettalong.

Red and infrared light targets inflamed and injured tissues and accelerates the healing process by stimulating ATP production within the cells. In our clinic we observe much faster rates of healing when we apply the K-laser in addition to traditional therapies and suitable rehab exercises.  We have actually had patients say: “I’ve done this injury before and it took ages to settle but the laser seems to have gotten things better much faster!” 

Why is our K-laser machine so effective?

While there are many different types of therapeutic laser machines, most of these are low level laser treatment (LLLT) machines, which unfortunately do not deliver the results that are often promised. These lasers are usually class IIIa and IIIb lasers, whereas the K-Laser is a Class IV laser. 

As a Class IV laser, the K-Laser can deliver more energy per unit of time, meaning we can treat much larger areas larger of tissue in less time, penetrating into deeper tissues that can be stubborn to treat. Most importantly, clinical research findings consistently demonstrate the superiority and effectiveness of Class IV lasers in treating a wide range of conditions. 

Whether your problem is chronic or acute, the K-Laser could deliver you results that other therapies have been unable to so far.  Ask your physiotherapist if you can benefit from this modality.

Conditions that may benefit from K-Laser Therapy


  • K-Laser therapy can be a very effective adjunct to your physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic treatment if you suffer from:

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Ligament Sprains

  • Muscle Strains and Tears

  • Myofascial pain syndromes

  • Post-surgical pain

  • Fractures including stress fractures and non-union

  • And several other acute and chronic conditions

K-Laser Therapy Rates

When K-Laser therapy is provided in addition to physiotherapy it costs a little more (not much), however for K-Laser-Only treatment we actually charge less because we can deliver the treatment in less time.  This, along with the fact that healing is shown to occur much faster, means you can progress to later stage rehab in a significantly shorter period of time.  In brief, we believe you will save money by reducing your pain and getting you moving faster! Talk to your provider today about how laser therapy may benefit you. This will be covered by your health fund if you are covered for extras including physio.

Contact us today to book an appointment.

Our Therapists

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