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You'll know us as "Your Family Fitness Physio" - and we are - but why?  Well, we believe that everybody needs to be fit and healthy.  This doesn't mean we all need to run marathons or do bootcamp or throw around huge weights (although we are happy to help you do these things better!). No, we reckon you want to be fit enough to enjoy what makes your life better, no matter where you currently are on the fitness spectrum.

Our Therapists

BPhysio, Cert IV Fitness, MAPA


Liam Pattison

BAppSc (Physio), APAM


John Kelly

BPhysio, BAppSc, Dip Fitness


Nicole Wells

BAppSci (ExSpSci), MPhysio, APAM

Physiotherapist & TPI Golf Therapist

James Cosentino

MPhysio, BExSpSci


Tim Healey

MExPhys (Rehab), AEP, ESSAM

Exercise Physiology

Linda Walker